Macro aims to connect trainers with their ever growing client base

UI/UX Design | Art Direction | Branding

Our Solution

In a crowded market, Macro needed to stand out. Most companies in this space are using red or blue as their primary colour so we chose a soft green, this draws the eye of potential users on a page full of search results.

Each part of the app is designed so the most useful actions are placed near the bottom within the easily reachable area (by the thumb).

Macro onboarding screen
Macro login screen
Macro onboarding weight screen
Macro onboarding height screen


It's a well known fact that everyone hates filling in forms! When collecting a users data we wanted to make the process intuitive but fun - obscuring the fact they were really just filling in data.

We used familiar mobile paridigms (the scroll wheel), but, stylised them like the real world objects they represented, in this case; a weighing scale and tape measure.

Trainers View

Trainers we spoke to told us that simplicity was key, as they often needed to make updates quickly between clients. We stripped out any unnecessary data and only presented them with what they needed to help their clients.

The end result is clear and concise but also allows the user to scrutinse the data further with only a few taps.

Macro clients screen
Macro graph screen
Macro profile screen
Macro plan screen

The Future

We track and amalgamate the data from all clients in order to form a success rate for each trainer. This is essentially how often they are getting their clients to their goal weight.

In the future Macro would like to become a social network for trainers, and these stats will be used to show a trainers success to potential clients.

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