Ooh Lala wanted a complete overhaul of their old brand and website.

UI/UX Design | Branding | Front-end

Our Solution

Ooh Lala had a very clear idea of how they wanted their logo and website to look; "elegant, pretty and lots of love hearts!" - we worked together to create a design which ticked all those boxes and reassured potential customers that Ooh Lala were the company they should trust with their big day.

To guide users through the site, each section ends with a link to another.

Ooh lala homepage
Ooh lala mobile homepage
Ooh lala mobile menu
Ooh lala mobile blog
Ooh lala blog page
Ooh lala blog post


We knew anecdotally that customers were basing their decision to employ Ooh Lala on the strength of their previous work, so we created a gallery and peppered it with quotes from past clients.

Ooh lala gallery

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